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Best Diwali Decoration Ideas

Diwali planning and preparation is happening in high gear, we thought to add some exuberance and offer a helping hand with best Diwali décor ideas for home. These affordable home decors accessories can be used as a best trump card to surprise your guests with your creativity.

Karmakriti, a home décor brand is here with an amazing and unique collection for this Diwali. Following are some accessories for home décor:

# Innovative Rangoli

This Diwali home décor is completely unique. Karmakriti is out with reusable wooden rangoli in different shapes and sizes. Place them in unique ways and decorate your house in your own way. You can brighten up any space with these rangoli within 10 minutes.

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# Teracotta Idols

Diwali is known for its abundance of benevolence. Bring Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi made of terracotta into your home and place them in an auspicious location. It will serve as an excellent Diwali home decor as well as a symbol of prosperity and happiness.

# Diya Holder

One of the best Diwali home decoration ideas is to arrange your diyas in variety of ways. This item is a two-story tray in white with mirror and clay work that allows you to easily place multiple diya. You can also make an arrangement of sweets on it for your guests.

# Serving Trays

Sweets are an essential part of your Diwali checklist. So let's serve them to your guests on an amazing hand-painted tray specially painted in Patachitra. It's a great example of originality

# Something new about Rangoli

This time, let's try something new. A circular piece of wooden coaster that is decorated with patachitra paintings. You can use it as the focal point of your rangoli to display off your creativity.

We love combo looks, giving you an insight on our best creations in one picture. Add color to your homes this diwali with Karmakriti - House of Handicrafts. Square Rangoli, Terracotta Idols, Layered trays, Serving tray, Wooden Coasters, Metal Kettles and our clay diyas.

The above list is curated by veterans and experts of this field.

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