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Corporate Gifting Ideas

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

In this informative blog post you will be answered the WHAT, WHY, WHEN and HOW of CORPORATE GIFTING. Stay tuned to know more. Starting with something simple?

WHAT is Corporate gifting?

It is when you have to meet and greet new people for business, it is almost always very AWKWARD to come straight to the point. What becomes IMPORTANT in this juncture is, if you had an ice breaker, and no, I do not mean let’s have an ice breaking game, NO! Just something to start a conversation. What best than a present you are PROUD TO GIFT, which is not just a run of the mill company mug or key ring, you will have SOMETHING TO TALK about explaining your gift before easing into your AGENDA.

WHY it is important to indulge in corporate gifting?

If it was not already clear from the PARAH above, we will give you MORE reason. Corporate gifting is a PROVEN method for engaging with prospects, clients, customers, and more. RESEARCH shows that physical items like corporate gifts are easier for people to UNDERSTAND and MORE MEMORABLE than digital media.

WHEN should you indulge in Corporate gifting?

P.S. - As if you need a reason to gift. Well, if you do, below are the main reasons why you should STRONGLY CONSIDER corporate gifting

  1. New Client Prospect meeting – Don’t you think it will become much harder for them to say no if they have already accepted a gift from you.

  2. Retaining an Old Client – Sometimes it so happens that there are certain differences between you and your client, no one means any harm, but it just so happens. Gifting something meaningful to them might change their mind or at least have something to remember you by.

  3. Closing on a deal – It’s a matter of celebration on both sides. Everyone loves having something physical to show off their happiness and celebration and it is also a good gesture.

  4. Your annual corporate event – People take out time to attend your annual event, gifting them something unique and different is always rewarding.

Diwali, Christmas, Company Achievements, Employee performance satisfaction, Retirement of an Employee, as I said, it is as if you need a reason to gift.

83% of people FEEL JOY when receiving packages by making your packaging exciting to open. Remember, anything with your LOGO on it is a direct representation of your company, so even the tiniest of details can make A HUGE IMPRESSION!

Plus, you’ll want to be KNOWN AS A COMPANY that goes the EXTRA MILE and is THOUGHTFUL and NOT who will spray-and-pray mass IMPERSONAL GIFTS.

Gifting UNIQUE is important, gifting with a MESSAGE is important.

A successful corporate gift should be able to PROVOKE A RESPONSE. Strive to make your recipient INTERACT WITH THE GIFT in some way as a part of their call-to-action. Whether they just have TO PERCH UP YOUR DECORATIVE ON THEIR DESK (they would only do this, if they find meaning in it), redeem a code on your website, or share cupcakes with coworkers, CREATE AN EXPERIENCE with your send. These experiences will be much more memorable than sending a mug with your logo or branded pen.

Last and final question HOW do you find such a gift which answers all of the above questions? Karmakriti – House of Handicrafts has curated just this – a combo set of gifts which includes

1 Motivational Mini Painting on a wooden easel

1 All Wooden Sustainable Mug

1 Handcrafted Paper Holder

1 set of 4 Handmade coaster set

1 All Wooden Multipurpose Box with your company logo on top.

There is so much beauty, culture and meaning in the original rural craft of India that is being passed down generations. India's 597,608 villages are creating exquisite new art everyday. All of which is waiting to be rediscovered, and re-loved by you.

At Karmakriti, we design, co-create and handpick the most stunning Indian Art and Handicrafts for you to feast your eyes on or get your hands on. All our products are made by local and rural artists and artisans of India. So come on, let's together celebrate the creative spirit of India.

Gifting something from Karmakriti will show to your receivers your beliefs. You will feel pride in gifting something UNIQUE, SUSTAINABLE, ECO – FRIENDLY, USABLE, while also creating a subtle brand recall on the main box.

To know more, reach out to 9674033900,

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