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Meaningful Diwali Hamper for employees and clients

Dear All,

Hope you had a good Navratri break. We all are constantly fighting certain personal demons in our life. Karmakriti hopes you were able to shake off these demons and emerge as a new and better version of yourself, this Navratri. It is now time, to gear up for Diwali. We bring to you our gift hamper boxes. Meaningful gifts always bring positive response. Wish for everyone's good health and wealth and it will always come back to you double folded.

In our previous article we had spoken about all our items in the hamper. You need to yourself resonate with your gifts and only then your receiver will feel the joy while receiving it.

We assure multiple things with our gifts -

  1. Made in India

  2. Handmade by local and rural artisans of India

  3. Your company branding

  4. A personal note or wishes from you

  5. A note explaining all items in the gift

Start your relationship with Karmakriti today. Let us help you win hearts. We can also curate our hampers with specific requirements.

Support local, support small businesses, support India.

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