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Top Interior Design and Home Decor Trends for 2023

If you are reading this, we are going to jump right into interior design and home decor trends for 2023.

If you're planning any renovation project this year or planning to redecorate, it's always a good idea to know what's trending so that you don't accidentally make design decisions that are going to date your home.

But as always, trends do come and go. So always remember just to do what you really love to your home so that you'll enjoy your space for a long time.

I would say the main overall design trend that we're going to be highlighting this year is individualism, confidence and personality-driven design, which means we're going to see a lot of great, unique interiors. It's all about how you can set your space apart from others and how you can really dress your home to be a perfect reflection of yourself. Don't feel boxed in by design rules. This year is all about breaking away and really coming up with a design that's going to be memorable and personal to you. It's all about bringing in unique colors and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and furniture layouts that really work for your specific space.

I think we went through a very long phase of playing it safe with design, where everyone picks similar color palettes, and similar finishes, and then everyone's home really starts to look alike. This year is all about setting your space apart, doing the opposite, and bringing individualism design back into your home.

What's something that you're going to do to your home this year that's going to set your space apart from your neighbors? Write to us at and get a chance to be featured in our next blog post.

The encouragement of personality-driven design is definitely going to bring out a ton of bold colors this year. Through paint, furniture, art, and decor, you're going to see bold, rich colors throughout all of it.

These colors are really going to create memorable spaces. They're going to look dramatic, and they're definitely a way to show your personality. A lot of colors that are going to be trending more are those colors that look like they've been around for decades, that are usually a little bit more rich, deep, and dark.

You'll notice that a lot of the paint companies are already releasing lines of paint that are the historic line colors that are classic and timeless and really have this gorgeous, regal look to them. Viva Magenta a bold pinkish red and blush tones is the colour of this year 2023.

You can go all out with this with cabinetry and paint choices more of those permanent choices, or you could play it safe and pick bold colors with your furniture or decor or artwork to implement bold choices in a smaller way.

Now, when it comes to decor and furniture, the best way to create a unique space is actually by shopping for handcrafted products since every piece is going to be different and unique. And it's never been more on-trend than right now. Vintage and antique pieces are coming back in the game too.

It's a win-win always. You can find mid-century modern pieces that are super classic and will stand the test of time. You can find gorgeous, traditional pieces that will add such character to your home, and you can find really something in every single style.

I love thrifting small things for around my home, like painting, table decor, planters, books and lamps and decor pieces, vases, ceramics, and dishes. So, if you can find any of those things, add them to your home and you will absolutely be on trend this year.

You could easily scan through our website and Instagram pages and find stuff to your liking., Instgram handle – karmakriti_houseof_handicrafts.

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